Songwriter, Producer

Johan Fransson

Johan “The Swede” Fransson stands out as one of Scandinavia’s most dynamic songwriters.

Formerly part of the acclaimed production team “Play Productions,” Johan achieved considerable success collaborating with superstar artists like Rascal Flatts and Celine Dion.

Recently, Johan has transitioned to a solo career, focusing on direct collaborations with pop and country artists.

His recent works include cuts with Chris Stapleton, Alma, Tove Stryke, Brennley Brown, Danielle Bradbery, Sam Fischer, and Lauren Alaina. Notably, he penned the single “28 Reasons” for Seulgi, featured on the top 3 Korean album of the same name.

Johan has collaborated with esteemed partners such as MXM, Ryan Tedder, PhD, Casey Smith, Jimbo Barry, Audra Mae, and Julie Frost.