MORGAN is a 25-year-old songwriter from East London, signed to Karma Songs/Concord publishing. MORGAN started out in the industry as an artist under the name ‘Spark’ when she was 15 years old, she signed 2 record deals and toured extensively so knows the pressures and mind set of being an artist first hand.

Now entirely focussed on her songwriting, she has been working with artists including Rudimental, Astrid S, Cashmere Cat, Four of Diamonds, Hardy Caprio, MK, Michel Calfan, Sigma & Seeb.

MORGAN co-wrote ‘Lo Malo’ by Aitina, which was a number 1 hit single and Airplay record in Spain with over 100 million streams to date. She also wrote the single “Hum” from the #1 album “Three” by Sweet California (Warners).

MORGAN’s strengths are lyrics, concepts, topline and melody. She also plays Guitar.